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#Houston #TX: More GOOD NEWS! RE: 02-01-18 EMERGENCY Plea for injured #Lynx point #Siamese #cat #A1535710

Here is Mike with his surgeon after jaw surgery on 2/7/18 --- with a little bit of food on his chin --- how great is that!? Please donate and/or share if you can. You can donate at or call in donations directly for Mike at VERGI under the Animal Justice League account.

Mike's foster mom wrote 2/7/18:

Happy Wednesday All-

Just wanted to provide an update on Mike. What a difference a few days can make!

So- we brought Mike to a trusted vet that we have worked with for years.. Dr. Tharp @ Voss Road Animal Hospital. Everyone at the clinic is in lov3e with Mike already.

Dr. Tharp performed surgery on Mike yesterday. His jaw was fractured in 3 places, one side was out of socket and he also has a facial fracture. 

Dr. Tharp wired the jaw in those 3 places and articulated it back into place. There is nothing that can be done for the facial fracture. He is confident that the operation is a success.

I went to see the little guy today. It may be hard to tell from the photos but really already can see a transformation. His jaw is back in place! He was eating when I got there (so sorry I did not clean all the food from his face). He is eating both hard and soft food already! 

We are waiting on the CT scan what was most imperative was to get the jaw attended to.. as it was starting to heal (improperly). Dr Tharp is unsure if it will be needed as he does not show brain damage per say at this point. He can walk, run, eat, pee, poop, purr and MEOW loudly (as all Siamese do), so we are very hopeful. 

I visited with him for about 20 minutes with the pharmacy tech at the clinic and he just purred and head butted the whole time. He loves people. 

I will send another update if you are interested in a few weeks to show his progress.

I get to bring him home tomorrow. =^..^= !

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the support. 

2/1 POST

Animal Justice League has rescued "Mike" (after the late Mike Brown husband of Nela Brown a monumental rescuer in Houston who passed away in 2016 - see her obituary). Thanks to Kelli Matelski who took off from work to pick him up from BARC and rush him to Vergi Emergency Hospital where she took these photos. She said she will be fostering him after he is out of hospital, and wrote, "Despite having a broken jaw, bone thin, scabies and looks like ruptured eye, he still managed to purr and run my head against my hand. Amazing." Please donate and/or share if you can. You can donate at or call in donations directly for Mike at VERGI under the Animal Justice League account.
Vergi 24/7  
Emergency veterinarian service in Hedwig Village
8921 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77024
Phone: (713) 932-9589
10:07am POST
Hooray! The patient is being picked up by a rescue organization now. I will update with how to donate as I receive that info. Thanks to all who are interested in this poor kitty.
A few minutes ago:
This cat was supposedly picked up as a stray. BARC the municipal kill shelter in Houston TX is the contact, per Brenda at BARC.Aid. Please follow instructions to rescue or foster him ASAP on a medical waiver. There is some info regarding a pledge in the following embedded Facebook post; you can click there to view. As is common on Facebook, subsequent posts might appear elsewhere - if posters include the impound number, one can search Facebook (and the Internet) pets by their ID numbers (in this case #A1535710) with and without the hashtag. Unfortunately, BARC does not display their medical and behavioral pets in Petharbor. [As an aside there are videos of the wonderful vets at Valencia Sur in Spain doing surgery for Lets Adopt International on rescued cats with broken jaws, and on other animals with terrible maladies. One example isTito (warning graphic). I believe they may have at least two cats currently who are recovering from jaw injuries. It is a 60-vet hospital with regular clients as well.]

----- Forwarded message ----
From: BARC Aid <>
Date: Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 8:04 AM
Subject: 02-01-18 EMERGEMCY Plea for injured cat
To: BARC Aid <>


One of our vets just brought this gentleman to my attention.

As you can see, this guy already his strikes against him and will need out immediately.  The bet believes that the cat has a broken jaw, I am assuming when someone kicked the cat they must of kicked him in the mouth.  He is having trouble eating because of this and is in dire need of a full service vet.



citizen stated that someone kicked the cat, cat is unable to shut mouth - tongue is sticking out and is very thin. em

cat is reserved/thin/skittish, areas of alopecia/hair thinning/scaling on head/ears/neck, od small and nonvisual, mandible asymmetric-left side lower-resists full exam

2/1/18: skin scrape sarcops


  • ALL hold requests are to be sent via email only (none will be accepted via phone) with the following required information:
EMAIL SUBJECT:       HOLD for (insert animal id number)
In the body of the email, provide the following:

Animal ID #: _______________________

Name of Rescue Group/Foster: ______________________________

Name of designated person for pickup: ______________________________

Contact Phone Number for person placing hold: ________________________

Date & Time for pickup: ________________________

  • The hold will be placed for 24 hours and a confirmation email will be sent back to the requestor via email.
  • All incoming BARC Aid emails will be answered during the following hours and within the specified timeframe:
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