Friday, February 2, 2018

#LosAngeles: Adopt "Jon Snow" the Young, Long-haired Tuxedo #Cat

Contact Kristin at 732 - 674 - 2480
or kristinkorsnes AT

"Jon Snow" was apparently a "throwaway" cat. Abandonment is a crime in 50 states but some people haven't got the message. When resident Kristin first spotted him, he was licking a taco bell wrapper in the street for food, and he was a kitten.  He kept running away when she tried to feed him then, but came back months later. Her building is small and no one knows where he came from. She is the only one who took care of him. There is a house nearby that has cats hanging around so he may have come from there, but Jon Snow definitely has had love before.

Kristin fed him for a couple of months, trapped him and he was neutered and ear-tipped at FixNation in May 2017.  He then has been staying in her apartment with her two other cats, but he does not get along with them so she keeps them completely separate. She says, "I feel bad for all of them. [He needs] a good home as a single cat, or with possibly a female only, confident younger cat, preferably with adults only." 

He went from about 5 lbs to more than double that just since May and is in perfect health and does very well at the vet.  The vet,  Dr. Sindell at VCA Burbank, recommended to Kristin that Jon Snow find another home because he doesn't seem to get along with other cats. She did put him on medication but it wasn't helpful.  Kristin has also consulted animal behaviorists and animal communicators.

Jon Snow is very cuddly with people. He loves nothing more than a good cuddle. Kristin says, "One reason I also think he would do well with an adult is that he is still learning not to bite. When I say "no bite" he stops, but I feel like maybe only an experienced cat owner would be patient, and kids may frighten him. Also he only seems to let the vet trim his nails. He has nipped at me when I have tried." 

He needs someone who will be patient and let him adjust into a new home, which may take him just a little bit of time, but once he let's his guard down, that's it! The loverboy!