Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mesquite TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: FRI 11AM DEADLINE! "Skip" the 3-yr-old #Pointer mix

2/27/18 update: Yay! Skip was rescued. If I learn which rescue group it was I will add that here. Thanks to all who crossposted. Please support your favorite rescuers! 
Skip is 36 pounds and has beautiful markings.
He was upset when his owners surrendered him;
the reason given was that they were moving.
Skip needs TLC and a quiet household

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Date: Feb 14, 2018 8:30 PM

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Subject: Skip CODE RED 🔥 3yr Pointer mix beautiful markings/needs TLC and quiet household/Mesquite, Texas
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CODE RED 🔥 Skip is on the list for Friday at 11 o'clock. This doesn't seem fair as he's come so far from being so fearful and
now is being sweet. He still is cautiously friendly but he is friendly. He and I have really formed a bond. I know he will be truly loyal to someone that will take the time with him.

Skip is a three-year-old pointer mix that was surrendered on 1/20 because the owners were moving. Skip understandably was not happy about this. He needed days to decompress. Then it took more time for him to start to trust. He is still cautiously friendly. He will need an adopter that is patient and will provide TLC. He would do best in a quieter household with older children or none at all. He warmed up to me but would approach cautiously. He would flinch when I went to pet him. His previous owner stated that he likes quiet time and that he was an inside outside dog. Skip went nose to nose with the other dogs in the bay without a problem. He appears to be house trained. He weighs 36 pounds.

Please call 972–2 16–6283 or email to tag Skip. Type tag in the subject line along with ID 31585437 to ensure proper tagging. Thank you.