Sunday, February 11, 2018

#MonroviaCA: Very Urgent. 15 Indoor #Cats and 3 semi-feral #kittens outdoors plus some #ferals outside in need of immediate placement/relocation

Please click here to go to the document Cat Descriptions.docx containing profiles and photos for the cats.

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I received the email pasted below. I visited the home today. There are 15 indoor cats, most of them fixed, vaccinated. All are a bit scared to very scared. There are also 3 outdoor, semi feral kittens that are about 5 months old. Finally, there are a number of outdoor feral cats that are fed by the husband and wife. 
They're moving in 2 months,  but doing massive renovations in 2 weeks. They will have to call Pasadena Humane society in 2 weeks
I took 2 cats. The cats are tame, but scared. Very sweet. No biting or clawing. However, it was difficult to get them into the carriers. 
This is an urgent situation. The indoor cats are adoptable, but scared.  The outdoor cats are feral. All the cats are in grave danger. 
Can anyone help? Again, 15 Indoor cats need rescue and an unknown, but no more than 10 outdoor cats need to be trapped and relocated. 3 older, semi-feral kittens need rescue.  It's just going to be so heartbreaking if they get taken by Animal Control.
Here's their original email:

This is the most difficult email for me to write.  I am desperately in need of help rehoming our cats.  I have to admit that I have become what I now believe is a hoarder.  It started about 5 years ago when we put food out for some young feral cats.  They were interested in coming inside, so we decided to bring them into our home with the intent to socialize them and adopt them out to good homes.  Unfortunately, the females were already pregnant and we were unaware than they could be spayed while pregnant.  A couple of litters were then delivered in the home before we could get them spayed and neutered.  Their original mother left another litter outside before we could trap and spay her.  We still have 3 unneutered males and one unspayed female. (Female is segregated from the unneutered males, so no more litters.)

I love each and every one of these cats dearly and am devastated to let them go.  But my husband has now been offered a job in Delaware, and we will be moving very soon.  (Not to mention that we are in violation with Monrovia's animal regulation of 4 cats per household.)  We will be keeping 5 cats and moving them with us.

The cats have destroyed our carpet and other things in our home, so we need to do a major renovation before listing it for sale.  We have a couple of weeks before our contractor comes in to gut our home.

Attached is an information sheet I have put together.

I am pleading for assistance.  I truly do not want to have Pasadena Humane Society come in and take them away.  It is my hope that my kitties NOT end up on the shelter system.

Please let me know if you can help.

Thank you.
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