Friday, March 30, 2018

Manorville #NY (Long Island): PROMISING NEWS RE: #CAT ALERT HURRY 2 Bonded 9-month-old girl #Kittens need Home, Vetted, Owner has Stage4 Cancer

Update---Dan has a pending adoption for them and will transport tomorrow 3/31.
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Subject: Manorville, LI, NY: CAT ALERT* HURRY* 2 bonded 9 month old girl Kitties need a home, Vetted, Owner has stage 4 cancer

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Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 7:35 PM
Subject: MANORVILLE LI, NY: 2 bonded 9 month old girl Kitties need a home
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Glitz and Glam...only 10 Months young...
Their Mom has stage 4 stomach cancer and just gave birth to a newborn.
Heart Breaking...

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The pending adoption fell though.  We are trying again, undeterred:
Contact Dan Scolnick

This is a sad story.
 Please provide a loving home for this bonded pair of rescued kittens.  We want to adopt them together as they have been together since they were rescued from two separate out of state kill shelters.
A friend of a friend is a young woman with stage 4 stomach cancer and a newborn baby.  These two kittens, glitz and glam, both spayed girls with their shots, vet records, carriers, toys, blankets, food, litter and boxes.  These sweeties are kittens from the summer of 2017.  She adopted them, loved them, hoped to raise her newborn daughter with them, and then her world fell apart.
 It breaks her heart to have to re-home them, but she has her hands full and is trying to take care of business while she still has some time left.
 The kitties are in manorville, LI, NY.  I will transport them anywhere.  If you or anyone you know (with a great home) can take them please let me know.
They are smart, playful and affectionate.