Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Fullerton CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Two #Cats Need Home(s). Owner died.

5/11/18 Brandi reports that she has found two wonderful homes for Sydney and Miss Puss. Thank you to all who crossposted for them.
4/5/18 POST

Forwarded message dated April 5, 2018:

Two cats in need—owner died suddenly (at age 47).

Contact Brandi Bevans who used to live in Orange County and was a friend of the deceased via email at...

Cats are: Sydney (8 years)  and  Miss Puss (14 yrs). Photos attached—can provide larger/better photos to interested parties on request.

Miss Puss:   14 years but in good health.  Had blood work, dental, Xrays about a year ago, was declared in good health. Miss Puss is the friendlier of the two (brown/orange/rust tiger kitty).

Sydney:  8 years old. Up to date on vaccines; shyer of the two. Tends to stay away from strangers who visit but was sweet and loving with her owner. She is the silver/grayish tiger cat.

Brandi is trying to locate the vet they went to. Cats were indoors ONLY. They were fed both canned and dry food. Currently are in Fullerton but need placement by May 1st. Brandi feels they could be separated and are not totally bonded.

Alternative email address or or the Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary phone number  (949-337-8372).