Friday, May 4, 2018

#Memphis TN: GOOD NEWS! RE: Has Foster but Rescue Group Needed for Buddy the #Bullboxer RE: Fabulous Male #Dog Found Abandoned Needs #Rescue ASAP! Has been to Vet!

New photos of Buddy's Furever Home
Great news! Buddy was adopted by the original poster. He had been placed in a foster home until a rescue group could be found, but ran away. Luckily, a friend of the original poster found him and brought him back where Buddy's charm easily wore them down :-) What a happy new beginning! Thank you to all who crossposted for him.
4/6 POST
4/6 Update. Buddy has a foster but a rescue group is still needed to step up for him. Contact...
I asked the owner of what breed makeup she thinks he might be and she agrees Buddy seems like either a Boxer/Pit or Boxer/Staff and provided these great pages for info:
4/4 POST
On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 11:07 AM, Leslie wrote:
He was great with the potential foster’s critters—dogs and cats—so he will have foster beginning April 10.  Meanwhile, he will be neutered.  All he needs now is a rescue organization to find him a perfect  home.
4/3 POST  

Please contact Mr. XXXXXX ASAP to rescue him. Email XXXXXXXXXX or phone XXXXXXXXXX.

Buddy the mix breed dog (Boxer/Pitbull?) was found abandoned in Audubon Park 3/23/18. He is a friendly, well-behaved, healthy, trained dog. The gentleman loves him but his wife is not wanting two male dogs at this time. They were going to take him to the pound today but fortunately he has been given til April 10th to attract a rescue group.

Mr. XXXXX wrote 3/30/18 (excerpt):
...I have tried in earnest to find him a good home and have contacted maybe 15 rescue agencies. Nobody responds and is probably why he was abandoned in Audubon Park.

Ok, that's it.

If you know of anyone wanting a good young dog, let me know.


Sweet Buddy 
  • Sweet Buddy is a sweet, well trained, young male boxer, pit bull mix of brindle color
  • Abandoned and found in Audubon Park on Thursday March 23, 2018 with camo collar and no tag
  • Was taken to our Vet at East Gate Animal Hospital given a rabies shot #21550, bordetella vaccine, etc. 
  • Scanned to determine no chip
  • Determined by Vet  exam to be a healthy, 1 year old, 56 lbs in weight, with clean ears, trimmed nails, clean teeth and is heart worm negative 
  • He is fully functioning and not neutered