Monday, May 21, 2018

#Charlotte #NC: Resolved. Sort of. RE: Homeless young lady desperately seeks IMMEDIATE 1-2 month FOSTER home for her 2 BONDED sister cats

5/23/18 Melba reports that the lady gave her cats to someone. Melba is researching to determine if they are in a good place.

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From: Melba Tarlton <>
Date: Fri, May 18, 2018, 5:25 PM
Subject: Charlotte, NC - Homeless young lady needs IMMEDIATE 1-2 month FOSTER for 2 cats;Desperate!!!

This very nice young lady, 22 years old, find herself in a bad situation and is homeless.  She is working and has a job, but her credit is really bad.  She is saving money to get an apt with friends in the next months or two.  She loves her two cats so much and is desperate to find a short term foster home for them.  Her mother has kept them for two weeks but says she will not continue to do it.  She and her father are not on speaking terms.  She says she has contacted everyone she can think of with no help yet.   I feel so badly for this nice young lady.    Taylor's 2 cats are sisters, Remy and Pound Cake, 2 years old,  spayed, current on vaccines, very sweet, litter trained, get along well with other cats and dogs.  She can help with food, litter, toys, etc.  She's willing to compensate when she picks up the cats.  Please share to help find them a foster.  THANK YOU!!!!