Friday, May 4, 2018

Phelan CA: Very urgent. Hoarded kitties need multiple rescue groups to come to their immediate aid

Urgent! Please see 5/3/18 YouTube above and public Facebook link below. Join the Phelan Kitties 418 Facebook group if you can help, or contact with questions.

Phelan Kitties 418 is a rescue project to save kitties from a home where their owner has been unable to care for them for a long time. #PhelanKitties418

Please share the following public post:

UPDATE: MAY 2, 2018: WE HAD TO STOP! Until we move kitties out to rescues, we cannot go back and finish!

and on 5/3/18: If a group of rescues can each take one cat or two, or maybe a few, we can get this done. This is a very hard season in rescue, so we understand when rescues cannot help. Still, we believe it can happen if enough people will step in and take a small piece of it. Make a donation, or take a cat, or take some time and reach out to rescues on behalf of these cats.We're a tiny group trying to rescue close to 50 cats.

This is Tungsten. She may be pregnant.

Phelan is San Bernardino County, California.

At the current time, Rescue-Only Kitties of Devore will accept and disburse funding. You can donate to this project via PayPal at Please put "Phelan Kitties" in the notes.