Friday, June 1, 2018

#SanFernando CA: Rescuers or Adopters Needed for 20 Fixed, Vaccinated #Cats. Owner health issues.

The owner is age 70 and Ericka is the daughter. Ericka has started a Google album with descriptions of the cats (more photos to be added). Please contact Ericka at <> or 818-554-8243 if you can rescue, foster or adopt one or more of them. Here is the link:
You may need to then click again in the lower right where it says "comments" to see the captions. Ericka says, "Thank you for taking time to share it with whomever can assist us in finding a forever home for them."
Echo a neutered 1.5-yr-old

On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 8:34 PM Ericka Martinez <> wrote:
...They are outdoors in 3 separate enclosures. I’d say 18 are friendly and 2 or 3 maybe feral. Most are loving, friendly and can’t get enough attention...

On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 4:19 PM Squarespace <> wrote:
Name: Ericka Martinez
Email Address:
Phone Number: 8185548243
I'm interested in: Other
...I am looking for a compassionate place that just may be willing to assist my mother .
Animal lover ! especial love of cats in particulat since she was a little girl . She is now 70 yrs old , retired with major knee problems and has been able to lovingly care for approximately 20+ cats as long as I can remember . She is extremely attached to them but has come to the realization that caring for that many is just not feasible physically, financially etc.
Many times people , neighbors , passer byers knew she would never refuse an animal and at times were dropped off or left in her yard . She has a BIG heart for these animals ... has cared for them so many years .
All of them are spayed or neutered and have their vaccines .
My mother will be needing knee surgery and can no longer care for them .. it would break her heart if they ended up in a shelter . I have reached out to family and friends to adopt . Kittens were taken but most of the cats left are bigger but beautiful nonetheless .
Please please let me know if there is any way your organization could assist in taking them or some to find them a loving home.



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