Tuesday, June 12, 2018

South of L.A., CA: SOS! Feeders needed! 20+ cats will be left to starve as of June 25. Feeder is moving.

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From: Christine Brown <christineannbrown@gmail.com>
Date: 11:36AM, Tue, Jun 12, 2018
Subject: SOS over 20 cats will be left to starve as of June 25 feeder moving

Pedro's email address jbramp6  @  yahoo.com

Hi Liz,
We have a true kitty SOS.  Pedro Rameriez  has been feeding and caring for three colonies located in the cities of Bell and Southgate South of LA.  All the locations are close together. He has been trying for over 6 months to find feeders to take over the colonies.  There are over 20 cats most have been TNRd that will be left to starve as of June 25 if we cannot find feeders.  We are looking for any help at all a couple feeders one day a week would work.  There is a bit more trapping that needs to be done too.  Pedro can show the feeders exactly where he feeds up until June 25.  He will not have a car after that.  He will be here until June30.
I am getting the exact addresses, description of known cats that show up to eat.  The feeder is Pedro Rameriez 562-200-6819.
he is copied above best way to contact is via text or call.

All the Best,

Christine Brown
310-470-8066 office